Tackle, Restore & Peak Performance

Tackle™ Adhesive Remover A specially formulated ready-to-use product for the removal of ID tape and adhesive from all medical equipment and apparatus. Tackle is neutral pH and is safe for use on all metals, glass, plastic and rubber. It can also be used on surgical instruments, trays, case carts, autoclaves and 1/V poles.

Restore™ Rust and Stain Remover Foaming Spray Soaking instruments can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Restore Foaming Spray helps breakdown rust and corrosion while instruments are waiting to be processed. The thick foaming spray adheres to instruments, creating a longer hang-time and maximizing the effect of Restore’s active ingredients.

Peak Peformance™ Instrument Lubricant Prevents dulling, hinge and joint damage, and stiff action.

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