Flexible Scope Transport Tray

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Oasis Transport Tray from Cygnus Medical

Oasis & Oasis PLUS Scope Transport Trays

  • Made of a biodegradable plant-based material. This is a 100% renewable resource reducing the facility’s carbon footprint.
  • Rigid construction protects and contains endoscopes during transport and is large enough to safely hold an endoscope without damaging it.
  • Bedside cleaning is performed within the tray, keeping residual run-off contained. This creates a cleaner work environment and reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections.
  • The color-coded reversible lid clearly differentiates clean (green)
    and soiled (red) scopes.
  • Single-use, eliminating the need for manual cleaning after each use.
  • Space efficient, stackable and nestable.
  • Meets SGNA recommendations for transporting soiled scopes in a closed container to prevent the spread of infection.
OT1230 Oasis® Biodegradable Tray with Reversible OR Lid. 16.5” x 20.5” 30 Trays / 30 Lids
OP1330 Oasis® PLUS Biodegradable Tray with Reversible OR Lid. 19.5” x 21.5” 30 Trays / 30 Lids