Flexible Scope Channel Dryer

Instrument Channel Dryer

Properly dried channels reduce the risk of infection. Studies indicate there is a strong correlation between moisture and microbe colonization within flexible endoscopes. The Airtime Instrument Channel Dryer dries flexible endoscope channels, as well as channels in other cannulated surgical instruments.

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Flexible Scope Channel Dryer Benefits

  • Airtime uses .01 micron HEPA filtered air to dry endoscope air/water, suction, and auxiliary water channels after automated reprocessing.
  • A scope removed from the AER can be dried quickly, so it will not be stored, or put into immediate use, with wet channels.
  • Uses two independent pumps and timers that will dry two scopes simultaneously.
  • Airtime’s dual screen allows for two scopes to be dried with independent start and stop times.
  • Line pressure channel sensors will immediately shut off the Airtime pump and alert the user of a potentially clogged channel. Line pressure levels can be changed to accommodate various instruments.
  • Options: On a counter stand, wall rail installation, or IV pole installation.

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