Topical Skin Adhesive



  • Fastest polymerizing 2-octyl topical adhesive on the market today*
  • So fast, you can actually see the glue “dry” before your eyes
  • Average set times are less than 30 seconds


  • 2-Octyl formulation is proven to be the strongest and most exible adhesive available**
  • Provides a microbial barrier creating a protective barrier against clinically relevant pathogens, including MRSA†
  • Added exibility allows the adhesive to remain intact for 7 – 10 days
  • The high viscosity formulation (highest in the industry*) is intended to reduce the risk of adhesive migration away from the wound site


  • Soft and Flexible Applicator glides across uneven surfaces while the soft bristles ensure the adhesive creates a solid seal on skin
  • Transparent Tip allows user to see the adhesive prior to expression, therefore eliminating the “surprise” of too much glue being dispensed all at once


  • Simple Concept: Screw on applicator tip and begin to express adhesive
  • Apply as much or as little adhesive as needed. Apply a single coat or multiple coats. It’s all at the discretion of the Provider. No matter how it is applied, you will get the same great results each and every time!


  • 1ml tube ll offers users the highest volume per device available on the market today
  • 25% more adhesive than the largest tissue adhesive available
  • 43% more adhesive than Dermabond Advanced®
  • 150% more than Dermabond® Mini or Skin Af x®

Sources: *Data on le ** Singer AJ, et al. Comparison of wound-bursting strengths and surface characteristics of FDA-approved tissue adhesive for skin closure. J Adhes Sci Technol. 2004; 18:10-27 †Data on le: Exofin® was tested in vitro to demonstrate that it acts as a barrier to clinically relevant organisms including Methicillin Resistant S. aureus (MRSA), E. coli, P. aeruginosa, S. epidermidis and Aspergillus brasliensis. Decreases unit volume, thus adding cost savings per procedure.

Printable Material:

Exofin Brochure


After spending more than two years observing and talking to healthcare professionals throughout all departments of hospitals across America, it became clear that no single topical adhesive had all of the attributes that mattered most. Chemence Medical has combined your feedback with the very best R&D department in the USA and created a topical skin adhesive that delivers on all of the requirements you asked for. We are excited to introduce the next generation of topical skin adhesive, Exofin® High Viscosity Tissue Adhesive.