Customized Instrument Protection

InstruSafe® Custom Instrument Protection

The use of complex and delicate instrument sets is a new reality in which sterile processing and the operating room live. Intricacy of surgical instrumentation continues to increase, and so does the cleaning and sterilization process. Now, healthcare facilities face the challenge of reprocessing instruments safely and efficiently while also meeting the demand for fast turnaround. Keeping these sets organized and protected upon arrival in the operating room creates a challenge for all involved. Relieve yourself of these daily obstacles with InstruSafe® Trays — an everyday solution for the intricacies of your instrument sets.

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InstruSafe® Instrument Protection Trays are perforated metal trays — or cassettes — with feet, handles, latches, and most often, silicone instrument holders. Various lengths, widths and heights are available to accommodate different sizes and quantities of instruments within a particular set.

The aluminum construction of our trays is lighter than stainless steel, yet more durable than plastic. This makes them more resistant to breakage, which in turn reduces replacement costs. They are also designed with various foot style options to accommodate different sterilization methods and sterile barrier types.

InstruSafe Trays are designed for use with both wrap and rigid containers during sterilization.

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