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Herzog Surgical is proud to be your distributor of quality Luxtec products. Since introducing their first surgical headlight in 1982, Luxtec has worked closely with surgeons to develop superior lighting and visualization systems for the operating room. By taking the time to properly design and build products that deliver superior performance, Luxtec continues to help surgeons improve surgical outcomes and work more effectively.

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Luxtec offers LightSources to meet any need; Xenon, Halogen, Rotating Turret, Fixed Turret, and varying wattage’s.


UltraLite® Plus; Xenon, smart, ergonomic design uses the head’s natural contours to hold the light in place, the UltraLux™ Xenon headlight system is the newest addition to Luxtec’s line of surgical headlights and Luxtec’s Halogen headlights feature the same ergonomic design and comfort as the Xenon line. Click for more info.


The MicroLux® DLX Headlight Camera System gives you an entirely new way to visualize your surgical cases. Provides surgeon’s viewpoint without visual interference from hands or head. Unobtrusively mounted on the UltraLite® Plus Headlight System. Add less than one ounce to the weight of the headlight.

DVD Recorder

The DVO-1000 MD is the only medical grade recorder that features a built-in hard drive. This recorder has two exclusive features DVORECOVERY™ and DVOFAST™, making this recorder one of the most user friendly recorders ever designed.


 Luxtec manufacturers all fiber optic cables in their factory in West Boylston, Massachusetts, USA. This ensures that the highest quality standards are met. Luxtec cables are uniquely reinforced with patented strain relievers for extra durability.